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Founded by Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer, University Professor and Chair of British Studies at the University of Muenster, Germany, and Angelika Nied, M.Sc. Econ, a banker in Frankfurt, Germany, Edunet offers a portfolio of high quality educational products – modules or full courses in all the important subjects online and offline as well as administrative support.

Our mission is to offer easy access to education in communities and social groups in developing economies that have less than ideal access to world-class learning. All our programs have been designed by educators in leading institutions. Every course is calibrated to support established teaching programs in state or private educational institutions.

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Courses currently available: Communication Skills

Communication Skills Course 1: Essential

You’ll learn critical communication skills to help you complement your education, navigate your social ecosystem and advance your career.


While this course is designed for any undergraduate student preparing for a Bachelor’s Degree, it is as useful for advanced students looking to consolidate their communication skills. Designed by international specialists, this course helps you understand the basics of how communication works and how to use it to your advantage. You will be able to draw on necessary skills to communicate in English to complement your studies, interact with your peers or ace job interviews. On successful completion of this course and it’s next part, you will receive an International Communication Skills Certificate (ICSC).

Communication Skills Course 2: Intermediate

General Communication Skills Course II – Intermediate includes a General Language Skills unit, just as General Communication Skills Course I – Basics did. Again, be reminded that at the heart of all communication is a good command of the language you are using. The fewer mistakes you make and the wider your knowledge in semantics (various words you can use), grammar (how to structure sentences and use the correct words forms) and stylistics (how to express yourself appropriately and efficiently), the more confident you will become in all communication processes. After checking on your competence in the use of tenses in Course I, this study session offers a survey of a further important aspect of language which can prove tricky to beginners and specialists alike in the field of vocabulary competence: Phrasal Verbs. Again, for students with a good command of English in all its aspects, this may be pure repetition, but it is an opportunity to check on your language competence in these important fields.

Communication Skills Course 3: Advanced

Communication Skills Course 3: Advanced will make you a communication skills expert by introducing you to the high art of intercultural communication: How do you communicate with people from other cultures, both at home in your country and when travelling abroad? What are the most important things to pay attention to? Which are the worst mistakes and how can you avoid them? Many good business opportunities are known to have failed because of mistakes or misunderstandings on the intercultural level: With the experience of this Course, you will know where to be careful and you will be able to advise others on this. At the end of this course, you will finally get some vital information, hints and tricks on what to watch out for with communication in job applications, both local and international.


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