Communication Skills 3 – Advanced

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Communication Skills Course 3: Advanced will make you a communication skills expert by introducing you to the high art of intercultural communication: How do you communicate with people from other cultures, both at home in your country and when travelling abroad? What are the most important things to pay attention to? Which are the worst mistakes and how can you avoid them? Many good business opportunities are known to have failed because of mistakes or misunderstandings on the intercultural level: With the experience of this Course, you will know where to be careful and you will be able to advise others on this. At the end of this course, you will finally get some vital information, hints and tricks on what to watch out for with communication in job applications, both local and international.

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Communication Skills Course 3: Advanced

  • Introduction to Communication Skills Course 3: Advanced

Lesson 1: New Skills – Mediation

Lesson 2: Intercultural Communication Part I – Introduction

Lesson 3: Intercultural Communication Part II – Definition and Culture Shock

Lesson 4: Intercultural Communication Part III – Awareness

Lesson 5: Intercultural Communication Part IV – Humour, Handshakes and Rituals

Lesson 6: Intercultural Communication Part V – Prejudice and Stereotype

Lesson 7: Intercultural Communication Part VI – Target Cultures

Lesson 8: Job Applications Part I – Letters of Application

Lesson 9: Job Applications Part II – Job Interviews

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